About Ulysse Girard watchmaking.

Beginning in 1862 and continuing through the end of the century, Ulysse Girard occupied a prominent status in their production of designing elite classic timepieces of the utmost quality.

In fact, during their time of heightened popularity, Ulysse Girard rapidly gained a reputation as one of the prime watchmakers in the country. This extraordinary heritage was thought to be lost forever in the sands of time. The prestigious name of Ulysse Girard lay dormant for almost an entire century.

In the year 2014, Ulysse Girard made its return with grand creations that speak to the soul.

The spirit and tradition of Ulysse Girard has been brought back to greatness with expert precision.

From 1862 to today, Ulysse Girard has exuded a passion for creating watches that provide not only classic functionality, but also an elegant style that gives each owner a sense of pride of how they present themselves. Our large and varied introduction of new designs, while keeping with the tradition of the craftsmen that came before, has met with universal favor from our large and increasing number of patrons.

  • The luxurious sports watch is one of today’s most popular, highly sought-after styles.
  • While there are many from which to choose, Ulysse Girard personifies the ideal elegant/sport prototype.
  • Focusing on exotic components featuring ceramic, tungsten, 316l stainless steel and bronze cases.
  • Each design brings to life the important transition from suited-up executive to weekend warrior.


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